Aggressive , Dominant, and Un-Apologetic


I'm a young white guy, 20's, hardworking at the gym and at work. I love black men, and I get instant wood seeing black men dominate white guys sexually, but some parts of the scene turn me off. Specifically, the white guys get all weird. The way they talk, they're not even engaging the black guys they're lusting after. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's something in the way they talk, Can you talk about this? It should be about connection.


Question 18:

I appreciate this question.

First, yes i understand what you mean, about this type of behavior.  You have to look at it a different way.  Yes there are Masters whom would find this behavior negative, but there are many whom enjoy it.

I enjoy it. I love to hear that sounds of lust as my boys get lost in the beauty that it is to be full to the brim with my beautiful cock.  You also can’t give every porn the standard of realism.  Yes it’s hot to watch that, but like you said, it’s geared towards a certain demografic.

When a real Master has a boy, that boy reacts how that master wants that boy to react.  Any boy in my stable is trained to know my likes, so I get what i want. In the end, don’t take too much stock in what you see, take stock in the service that is being performed.  Remember Submission is in the Will, not the act